Monday, March 20, 2006

Flux-Aid - Proposal for Franklin Furnace

Hi again,

I just finished chairing an avatar conference for the Web Biennial in Istanbul. It was a great success! Panelists included: Patrick Lichty, Teoman Madra and Dimitris Fotiou. The video should be on very soon.

In other news, I am applying for an avatar performance grant at Franklin Furnace in New York. It will be called "Flux-Aid" and will be a tribute for the original Fluxus Collective on 80 Wooster Street where my friend Douglas Davis lives -

The pic above is of me in a Subway Train...I plan to perform 47 original Fluxus performances in Traveler. Fluxus is one of the very first performance art collectives in the world and they began in NYC...I hope to have pix of myself rehearsing these classic performances very soon.
For now, it is just a pic of me in the subway...

Here is the list of performances I plan to re-enact:


Formal Plea To Save The Fluxhaus At 80 Wooster Street (2006)

Eric Andersen (ROOM TBA)
Opus 46 (1963)
Opus 9 (1961)
Opus 11 (1961)
Opus 13 (1961)
Opus 21 (1961) - Announce X
Opus 23 (1963)

George Brecht
Word Event (1961)
Word Event, Fluxversion 1 (1961)

Henning Christiansen
Dialectical Evolution V (Date Unknown)

Jed Curtis
Music For My Son (Date Unknown)
Opus 1 (Date Unknown)

Luce Fierens
Possible Flux Performances or PostFluxGames (Excerpt, 1987)

Bici Forbes
Become Invisible (1966)

Peter Frank
Thank You Piece (Date Unknown)
Paradigm (For Dick Higgins, 1983)

Lee Heflin
First Performance (Date Unknown)

Dick Higgins
Danger Music Number Eleven (For George, 1962)
Danger Music Number Seventeen (1962)
Danger Music Number Thirty-One (For George Maciunas, 1963)

Bengt af Klintberg
Identification Exercise (1966)
Orange Event Number 1 (ca. 1963-1965)
Orange Event Number 7 (ca. 1963-1965)
Orange Event Number 8 (ca. 1963-1965)
Orange Event Number 16 (ca. 1963-1965)
Orange Event Number 24 (ca. 1963-1965)
Forest Event Number 6 (1966)

Alison Knowles
Shuffle (1961)

Takehisa Kosugi
South No. 3 [Malika] (1965)

Bob Lens
#257 (Date Unknown)

Jackson Mac Low
A Word Event for George Brecht (1961)
Thanks - A simultaneity for the people (1960-1961)

Larry Miller
Chewed Drawing (1968)

Yoko Ono
Wall Piece for Orchestra To Yoko Ono (1962)
Fly Piece (1963)

Willem de Ridder
Nap (1964)

Anne Tardos
Bean Snow (for Alison) (1994)

Ben Vautier
Radio (1961)
Nothing (1962)
Run (1963)
Mystery Food (1963)

Wolf Vostell
Audience Piece No. 8 (1965)

Robert Watts
Washroom (1962)
Subway Event (1962)

Emmett Williams
The Gift of Tongues (1962)
Vocal Struggle for Dick Higgins (1963)
Duet for Performer and Audience (1961)
For La Monte Young (1962)

Another Subway Pic

Only my intro performance will take place in this Subway train...

Here is another pic of me on the Subway Train