Friday, October 20, 2006


Hey there bloggers,

This is the video that will be screened in Mauritius on November 10, 2006.
Krishna Luchoomun is one of the many organizers who belongs to the pARTage association and from what I understand, it will be for their pARTage group exhibition.

I wish to thank the whole association of pARTage for allowing me to perform there and screen this video. I plan to be available live at 17:30 PM Mautitius local time on November 10th to appear once again as a fleeing Cyberdodo and if caught by the audience, will answer their questions and comments.

For this performance, I am claiming to be a reincarnated dodo bird who disguises himself as a dragon (me) to avoid being detection from the local inhabitants.

This Cyberdodo has no torso and can fly...he is one of the few who can escape extinction on Mauritius.

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